Always be ready for those cuts, bumps and fevers which can happen at any time, with our baby shark range. Baby Shark products take away the stress of parents and tears of children, add the fin-omenon to your home and bring back those smiles to the whole family!

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Baby Shark Cleansing Wipes 

Each wipe is saturated with a simple, safe sterile salt water. Alcohol-free and sterile.

Baby Shark Shaped Plasters 


The box contains 20 fun baby shark shaped plasters to help protect cuts.

Baby Shark Character Bag

Made of a soft yet durable silicone bag which can be easily wiped clean and stored, with a handy wrist strap, perfect to clip onto your kid’s bag for nursery, school or travel.

Baby Shark global phenomenon

Baby Shark is a global phenomenon for infant and toddlers age between 0 and 5. With the number 1 most watched YouTube video ever and a new TV show on Nick Jr, Baby Shark is here to stay. Reliance Medical supply the Baby Shark brand, and are the UK's leading first aid supplier.

Retail ready design

The baby range is packaged ready to place on shelves with 6 of our best sellers.