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The Reliance Medical group is a World leading manufacturer and trade distributor of the highest quality surgical dressings, healthcare products, PPE, medical equipment and first aid supplies.

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Reliance Medical is a trade only supplier of quality and innovative first aid and medical products directly from our own manufacturing facility Reliance Medical Shanghai.

we are working hard to make our products

100% recycled & recyclable

with improved design and functionality
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redesigned for sustainability

less is more

Did you know our new and improved eye wash stations have been reduced by 42% and are made from 100% recycled material?

Investing in greener product development


100% of an AURA box is made from recycled plastic.

Less label printing
Focus on sustainability



Designed specifically to meet the needs of the New Zealand Workplace. Dressings are pre-made and easy to use. Listed Contents and includes a wall bracket.

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Specifically stocked for treating burns. Provides fast and effective treatment. Wall mountable, highly visible this kit provides fast and effective treatment for burns, scalds and sunburn in the workplace or home.

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Specifically designed for the food industry and in food preparation areas. Every single product, even the dressings and wipes, are all Blue to ensure you meet legal requirements.

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New vision range

50% Smaller

Vision wall stations have been redeveloped and are now 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

They are also 50% smaller and as a result we can fit 42% more product into a container.

42% more in a container

The future is brighter, greener and more compact

By reducing the size of our products, not only are we saving on materials, we are saving on shipping space, more product can be shipped in a single container, drastically reducing our carbon footprint.

Mediana A15 AED

Distributed by Reliance Medical in the United Kingdom and New Zealand this Korean made AED is both easy to use and affordable.

Mediana A15 HeartOn AED
Mediana A15 HeartOn AED
Mediana A15 HeartOn AED
Mediana A15 HeartOn AED
Mediana A15 HeartOn AED

Mediana A15 HeartOn AED

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  • UK's largest selling AED in 2023

The HeartOn A15 AED by Mediana is a Korean manufactured defibrillator packed full of fantastic features. Designed to be used by those who are minimally trained in the use of an AED, the HeartOn AED ensures users are comfortable and confident by offering voice and visual prompts. The instant switch for adult and paediatric mode means that this product is perfect for environments with mixed age groups. Automatically switches on when opened so it's immediately ready to be used. Electrode pads are suitable for use on both adult and paediatric casualties. Visual and verbal prompts. LED indicator lights flash with the corresponding voice prompts. Self-testing with visual and verbal indicators. Disposable battery built into the handle.

Key features

  • Provides clear audible instructions for step-by-step guidance
  • LED indicators and visual icons correspond with the audible prompts for additional help
  • Automatically switches on when the protective cover is opened
  • Pre-connected pads ready for emergency use
  • Adult/paediatric mode switch: quick to change treatment to suit the patient
  • Suitable for treating children under 8 years old without needing separate pads or infant/child key

Key specs

  • 5 year manufacturers warranty on the defibrillator unit
  • Battery stand-by life: 5 years
  • Battery Capacity 4.2Ah/15V(200shocks or 10hr monitoring)
  • Electrode pad stand-by life: 2 years
  • LCD displays unit readiness and battery level status
  • Performs daily, weekly and monthly self-tests
  • IP54

Catering range

Burns, cuts and eye injuries
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Aura3 features


Designed as a peg ready range for retail stores, supermarkets and pharmacy.
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Baby Shark

Baby Shark is a global phenomenon for infant and toddlers age between 0 and 5. With the number 1 most watched YouTube video ever and a new TV show on Nick Jr, Baby Shark is here to stay.

Baby shark plasters

Treat minor cuts and scrapes with our fun Baby Shark Plasters! With two fun shapes, they’ll help bring comfort to children. Made of soft, flexible and washproof material, they protect wounds from dirt and bacteria and allow skin to breathe, minimizing the risk of infection.

Baby shark first aid

Made of a soft yet durable silicone bag which can be easily wiped clean and stored, with a handy wrist strap, perfect to clip onto your kid’s bag for nursery, school or travel.

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