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'Leading First Aid'

The Reliance Medical group is a World leading manufacturer and trade only distributor of the highest quality surgical dressings, healthcare products, PPE, medical equipment and first aid supplies.

reliance medical

New Zealand

2/10 Musgrove Close, Wigram, Christchurch, 8025
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Reliance MEdical


4/8 Cattle Way, Gregory Hills, NSW 2557, Sydney
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we are working hard to make our products

100% recycled & recyclable

with improved design and functionality
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New vision range

50% Smaller

Vision wall stations have been redeveloped and are now 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

They are also 50% smaller and as a result we can fit 42% more product into a container.

42% more in a container

The future is brighter, greener and more compact

By reducing the size of our products, not only are we saving on materials, we are saving on shipping space, more product can be shipped in a single container, drastically reducing our carbon footprint.

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Reliance Medical is a trade only supplier of quality and innovative first aid and medical products directly from our own manufacturing facility Reliance Medical Shanghai.